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This last leg before the great adventure, the Alaska Highway, took us from central Minnesota through North Dakota, across the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, and finally to Dawson Creek in British Columbia, the location of mile 0 of the Alaska Highway. In order to reserve more time for travelling  the Alaska

Highway, we made the entire 1,417 miles (2.270 km) in four days, with overnight stops in Devils Lake (North Dakota), Saskatoon (Saskatchewan), and Edmonton (Alberta). Although almost all of the topography is pretty flat, the landscape was quite interesting and much less boring than we expected. It was also much greener than what we experienced when we crossed the Great Plains in Kansas and Texas two years ago.


In Grand Forks, ND, we had to buy four new tires for our trailer.

We stayed in Devils Lake State Park, one of the most beautiful campgrounds with large and very private campsites in beautiful nature.

Devils Lake in North Dakota

Another thing we didn’t expect was the large amount of canola fields in North Dakota. They were all in full bloom at this time of the year.


 Another kind of greetings from the North: Huge mosquito swarms
A foretaste of what to expect in Alaska?
The very next day we bought a mosquito tent – we want to be prepared for Alaska!

 (We actually never had to use it anymore!)


USA-Canada border control
Liberal highway transport regulations in Canada
A fully assembled chemical plant!


Entering Edmonton – not very welcoming
Buffalo herds east of Edmonton


 The landscape in Saskatchewan and Alberta was dominated by canola too –  fields of yellow as far as one could see. Thanks to biodiesel!


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