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As unique and breathtaking as the Alaska Highway is – there are also a few annoying things. First – there are parts with really bad surface conditions, and with long and nerve-wrecking construction sites. Today, for example, we drove through a major reconstruction area between the beautiful Kluane Lake and the Canada-Alaska border, over 100 km of gravel, pot holes, and 1-lane traffic behind follow-me cars. I posted a couple pictures about driving in construction sites like that in a previous post.

Another pretty annoying thing is the ever increasing truck traffic around the oil field developments along the highway in British Columbia. While the development of oil fields around Ft. Nelson, Ft. St. John and the Peace Valley goes back quite some time, the appearance of the fracking technology a few years ago gave the oil business a new boost, and now the 283 miles from Dawson Creek to Ft. Nelson bear witness of this by way of trucks, dozens of mobile home villages for oil field workers, and countless auxiliary businesses along the highway. Here are a few pictures for illustration purposes, all taken directly from the highway.



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