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I know I didn’t post for more than 5 weeks – primarily because we almost never ever stayed in campgrounds with a sufficiently fast and reliable internet connection; after all, we’ve been close the end of the world. But it’s also true that I never found the time again to work through thousands of photos for blog selection and editing.
While Denali National Park has been the top highlight of the journey for all of us, there is so much more to see outside the park. We spent 10 more days in Alaska, mainly in Fairbanks and on the Kenai Peninsula, with days of travelling in between, of course. We travelled together with my son Oliver and his family in their Motorhome that they rented in Anchorage.

Family dinner in a Fairbanks restaurant

From Fairbanks, we drove south on the Richardson Highway and west on the Glenn highway back to Anchorage.

Across the Alaska Range on the Richardson Hwy.


The Alaska oil pipeline runs along the Richardson highway all the way down to the port of Valdez. Here is one of numerous service stations along the pipeline.


The Glenn Hwy. offers spectacular views of the Chugach mountain range
From Anchorage, we drove south to Kenai Peninsula where we spent a few days.
Spectacular views across the Turnagain arm of the Cook Inlet that connects Anchorage to the Pacific Ocean.
Family dinner in our RV


I really don’t recall what had been so funny here…


View across the Cook Inlet from Kenai’s west coast
The Cook Inlet is full of oil platforms
Cooper Lake in the center of Kenai
On our way back to Anchorage … a great view onto the Chugach mountain range
Back in downtown Anchorage, we are reminded how far away from everywhere we are…
Had you known that from here it’s closer to Tokyo than to New York, and to London than to Miami?

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