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After a bumpy start on August 1 – over two hours later because the hitch needed a last minute repair – and a stopover at a Jellystone RV park in western Georgia, we are now  in a nice campground at the banks of the Mississippi, already on the Arkansas side. And guess how many states we came through on this day: Georgia, Alabama, Misissippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas. I never have been in 5 states on the same day before.

We spent the evening in downtown Memphis walking down Beale St. – like in the song “Walking in Memphis”, and had dinner in the famous Rendezvous restaurant – renowned for its ribs. And like in the song, we had pouring rain in Memphis, both in the evening and the next morning.
It was fun and interesting to watch the huge barges going up and down the Misissippi. Usually 4 of them were connected together and pushed – not pulled – by a towboat. I guessed the whole length of a tow was about 1000 ft – maybe even more, it’s not easy to tell from a distance.

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