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The next station on our way along interstate 10 (somewhat north, to be exact) was Austin, the capital of Texas. We had pondered to stay in Houston a little longer, which is a few hours east, but decided for Austin instead.

Passing through Houston, TX
I like Texas!

Located southeast of downtown Austin is a little park, McKinney Falls State Park, with a campground providing water and electricity hookups, where we stayed for a couple of days.

Our campsite, minutes before a rainstorm
Across from downtown Austin

The State Capitol in Austin

This memorial commemorates the Civil War. The inscription reads:
“DIED for State Rights Guaranteed under the Constitution
The people of the South, animated by the spirit of 1776, to preserve their rights,withdrew
from the federal compact in 1861. The North resorted to coercion.
The South, against overwhelming numbers and resources, fought until exhausted.
During the war, there were 2,257 engagements; in 1,882 of these, at least one regiment took part.
Number of men enlisted: Confederate armies, 800,000; federal armies, 2,859,132
Losses from all causes: Confederate, 437,000; federal 485,216″

Downtown Austin


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