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Last Friday, February 15, we started again in our fifth wheel trailer to go out West, this time to Snowmass, Colorado, for skiing and then back to Hilton Head, where we plan to be back in mid-April.
Because of the wintery conditions in the north, we took the interstate 10 that traverses from Jacksonville in Florida across the south of the US all the way to California. Our first overnight stops were at Tallahassee and then two nights at the Gulf Coast near Pensacola, FL.

Our campsite within walking distance of the gulf coast

Gulf coast

Across the Mississippi at Baton Rouge, LA

For many miles across the swampland in Louisiana, the interstate is built on pillars about 30 ft above the swampy ground.

Entering the state of Texas on the I10, the welcome area with the oversized lone star indicates how Texans feel about their state: Everything is big, and big is beautiful. “Don’t mess with Texas” is an (inofficial?) motto of the state.


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