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The Big Bend NP, located in West-Texas along the border to Mexico, was our next destination. The park’s name comes from a large bend in the Rio Grande (the borderline to Mexico), which changes its direction from southeast to northeast. With 800,000 acres (3.240 qkm), Big Bend NP is one of the largest national parks in the US, and much less visited than other, better known parks. It features three very different landscapes:  the river, the Chihuahuan desert, and the rugged Chisco mountain range. We spent three nights there, two of them in a no-hookup campground close to the Rio Grande, inside the national park.

Our campground at the Rio Grande

The Rio Grande – left side is Mexcico, right side is USA
Notice the green color: It’s spring time in the desert!

 The desert part of the national park


Inside the Chisco mountain range

The Boquillas Canyon of the Rio Grande

The Santa Elena Canyon


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