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Boondocking (or dry camping) is RV-lingo and means staying overnight without  hook-ups: fresh water from the tank, electricity from the battery, and all waste water goes in holding tanks.
While one night usually is no problem, the three nights we had to boondock in Glacier NP have been a little bit of a challenge. In 24 hours, we consume about a quarter of the electricity that is stored in the 4 batteries of our trailer. Although
we have a generator that recharges the batteries, park regulations limit the use of generators to a few hours daily – which basically is a good thing because generators are pretty noisy.


Most US national parks don’t provide hook-ups (as opposed to
Canadian parks) which means, if you want to stay there, your RV needs to be
prepared for boondocking. But the reward is huge: The campgrounds in national
parks usually are in the middle of nature, very quiet, with camp sites that
provide ample distance to neighbors and privacy. Most private RV parks are quite
the opposite, providing full hook-ups for the RV, but being rather parking lots
than campgrounds.


Bottom line: If boondocking is what it takes to stay in a
nature as beautiful and breathtaking as the next pictures show, we’ll do it
over and over again!

What a campsite!




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