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From the Sangre de Christo Range, we  travelled westwards to the historic mining town of Durango in southern Colorado. Just a few days later, we woke up to this view of our campground:


Our campground is located in the little village of Bayfield, 20 mi east of Durango. Most campgrounds close by the end of October, which adds a little challenge to our trip. There are about 8 campgrounds in Durango, and not one of them was open!

Main Avenue in Durango

Durango is a neat little town boasting a pedestrian-friendly downtown with lots of shopping, dining and entertainment options.
We enjoyed the company of one of my fraternity brothers who lives here since 15 years. He introduced us into some things that make Durango one of the “most likeable small towns of America”, according to a lifestyle magazin. All three of us liked it too, so we decided to take a break from living in the trailer and rent a place in Durango for some weeks in January and February, after we are back from our Germany christmas trip.

Downtown Durango

One of the biggest tourist attractions in the area is the historic Durango-Silverton narrow gauge railway which still operates with real steam engines on a daily basis – except a three week break in November exactly at the time when we were there! One reason more to be back next year!

The 150-year old mining town of Silverton

Instead of taking the train, we drove the 50 mi from Durango to Silverton over two snow-covered mountain passes – absolutely no problem for our 4-wheel drive Dodge Ram! But cold it was – see here:

Two “Eskimos” in Colorado
In Silverton


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