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Today is Friday, August 10, 2012. We left Hilton Head Island on August 1, 2012, 9 days ago!
Since January 2012 I have known that we will go on a yearlong RV trip, will become
so-called full-timers! We have no house or property to return to anymore, gave it all (voluntarily) up! And I was the one who initiated the whole thing! So naturally I have big expectations on how this trip will unfold, how I (we) will grow in personality and spiritually, on how our family will grow closer together, how we handle challenges and failures and how we enjoy a different kind of life together.
After 9 days of traveling hundreds of miles and living on 450 sqft together, let me
share with you all that the DIFFERENCE is HUGE! We all knew it would not be
easy, but knowing it and living it are two different pairs of shoes! I personally keep thinking (at least once a day) “when I am back home….”, only to realize seconds later that I AM HOME! This here is home! Of course we all did not expect to feel home and all settled after only one week…..it still does feel totally like a vacation that will end sometime. But we do remind each other verbally on a daily basis; this is home, this is our life, not a vacation and chores have to be done!
Ben and I have started home schooling and still are trying to find our rhythm. We get up every morning at 7 AM, have breakfast, do PE (physical education or sports for our German followers to understand) then start homeschooling at 9 AM. So far the theory…..but what do you do when everybody knows that you better hike the mountains in the morning to avoid the thunderstorm in the afternoon? What do you do when your child is too exhausted after the hike to lift a pencil or concentrate on math? All things we still have to figure out!
Also, I guess all three of us had our high expectations of how it would be and feel
and I dare to say, so far all three of us are disappointed on one or more
counts. Before, we lived in a 5000 sqft home, Ben went to school 6 hours a day,
Manfred was out of the house almost all day and I had my church job and daily
routine. And most days I managed to find at least one hour for myself (my reading and spiritual studies). My biggest hope and goal for this trip was the idea of having MORE TIME for myself! I finally want to meditate, do more studies on religion, spirituality, and clarify my concept of who God is, what life is meant to be for, who am I, what do I want to accomplish with my life and how can I develop a deep friendship with God?
So far so good! That is theory again! I have had way less time for myself than I
have ever imagined! Primarily this is due to the far distance we had to travel
the first week and the time I have to spend on homeschooling and preparation.
But also, there are dishes to be done 3 times a day, snacks to be prepared for
the travel trips or hikes, laundry to be done, cabinets to be arranged and
re-arranged (still trying to figure out the best and most efficient storage
options), stuff (dishes, shoes, books, DVDs, papers, toothbrushes, hair dryer,
creams, socks, pants, towels, groceries, lap-tops, pillows, blankets, stuffed
animals, wallets, trash, charcoal, grill, back packs, chairs and little tables)
all has to be put away or re-arranged several times a day due to severe space
constraints. I guess no one can anticipate how much time this actually gobbles
up until one has experienced it him/herself.
Also, we were told before, but did not really believe, that an RV has to have
constant repairs. Guess what, it is true: door not locking, AC not working,
sink not draining, truck not hitching, internet not working, printer literally
crashing by falling off its designated space.
BUT: the life lessons learned in just 9 days: PRICELESS!!!
Can we live like this forever? No idea; but probably not! Can we live like this for
a year? Hopefully and so God will! Do we have to work big time on our patience
(problem for all three of us) and humor? Oh yes, definitely yes! Do we have to figure out better time management and work sharing? Yes! Do we have to learn to better accept and respect the other persons in our family as they are, with all their faults? Yes, now more than ever! Are we working on it? You bet!
The “emotional thermometer” post will come approx. once a week!
Blessings to all of our followers, Silke

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