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The next big trip is getting closer and closer … from Hilton Head to Alaska and back. Departure is scheduled for July 9, and return sometime in the second half of September. Over 10,000 miles for the round trip, and because of school and job constraints we’ll have no more than about 11 weeks. Here is a map with the route:

Markers: F: Hilton Head, SC; B: Anchorage, AK; E: Calgary, AB/Canada

 We’ll take the northern route up and the southern route back.

Needless to say, like 2 years ago, I spent several weeks with preparing our fifth wheel for the trip. The most important one was the installation of 3 large solar panels with a combined nominal power of 700 watts to alleviate the need for electrical power from RV parks. With our large holding tanks for fresh and waste water, we should now be able to live up to 7 consecutive days without the need for campgrounds with hook-ups. I did the entire installation all by myself, including the electric and electronic components, thereby not only saving about $2,000, but also acquiring the knowledge and expertise to accomplish even major repairs without outside help.

Other additions include a second, smaller inverter to power gadgets like laptop chargers or screens, a directional WiFi antenna and a new cell phone antenna, and a new rearview camera that wirelessly transmits views from the back window of the trailer to the in-dash screen of the truck.

Less than 5 weeks to go … stay tuned!

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