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What can I write about the Grand Canyon, which pictures should I post when no picture on earth can portray the impression one has when standing at the rim and trying to digest the incredible and dramatic panorama. It is impossible to ban the 180 degree vista in one photo, and it is equally impossible to picture the scenery as it changes with the angle and the color of the sun between sunrise and sunset. Here is my humble try:

The morning sun shining on the western slope of the side valley where the Bright Angel trail switchbacks down to the river 
The same view in the bright midday sun
Grand Canyon at sunset

One of the rare views from the rim on the river, 5,000 ft below

Indian Gardens plateau, 3,300 ft below the rim

I could not resist the temptation to hike the Bright Angel trail down to Indian Gardens, a 9 mi (14 km) round trip over a 3,300 ft (1.000 m) vertical drop. The mean thing is that – unlike “conventional” mountain hiking – the hike starts downhill in the usually cool morning, and uphill after the canyon heats up in the morning sun. The last time I walked down that trail was 17 years ago, and I was really proud that it was not more difficult this time.
View from Indian Gardens Plateau up to the rim
Grand Canyon after sunset

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