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Homeschooling is a constitutional right in all of the US, as ruled repeatedly by the Supreme Court. However, that does not mean that there are no rules and regulations governing how homeschooling has to be done. It’s rather the opposite, with all rules being strictly┬álegal territory of the individual states. Because they all have more or less different rules, everybody who plans on homeschooling should familiarize themselves with the rules of the state they live in.

Here in South Carolina (and I think it is similar in many other states), we basically had two options:

1. Subscribe to an online homeschooling course

2. Join a local homeschool association

Besides providing or helping with educational content, both options provide you with a very important thing: Official report cards (Zeugnis in German). Your child will need them for job or college applications, or if you want to end homeschooling and send them to a public or private school.

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