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Finally, after 4 weeks of driving from Hilton Head, we arrived in Alaska. Crossing the border on the Alaska Highway, we were greeted by the mighty Wrangell mountain ranges, with peaks soaring over 16,000 ft (4.800 m). From Tok, the first noteworthy Alaskan town on the Highway, we took the so-called Tok-Cutoff and Glenn Highways towards Anchorage, thereby crossing through a part of the Alaska Range. It is a wild and untamed landscape, mesmerizing us again with its vast emptiness.

Mt. Drum in the Wrangell mountain range

The Glenn Highway traverses through a Boreal forest, also called Taiga, a pristine landscape that is typical for northern climate zones.

Highest point in the Glenn Highway

Doesn’t this look like an erupting volcano?

A Grizzly bear, seen right from the highway

The Nelchina glacier, seen from the Glenn Highway
Coming from Anchorage on the Parks Highway, we drove to Denali National Park. Mt. McKinley, with 20,320 ft (6.193 m) North America’s highest mountain, is located within the park.

The Alaska Range from the south. Mt. McKinley is hidden in the clouds.


A rare exception to the usually nice weather, but isn’t this beautiful too?


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