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… and we’ll be en route to Alaska! The first leg will bring us from Hilton Head to Detroit, one week and a little under 1,000 miles. I’ll be travelling just with Ben, and Silke is going to join us in Detroit a week later. Highlight of this first week is a long weekend in the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Another small, but important detail will be to find a place where we can watch the World Cup final on 7/13!

The next few days will be busy with last preparations, although the technical equipment should be ready. Here are two pics showing some of the additions I mentioned in the previous post.

3 new solar panels on top of the RV. In the background 2 poles with 2 WiFi and 1 cell phone antennas. When in motion, the poles with the antennas are being retracted.

Electronic equipment in the baggage compartment: 2,000W inverter (bottom right), 200W inverter (top), solar controller, and 2 breaker boxes

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