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The excitement is growing – next Wednesday, August 1, is set as our departure day! We are counting down the days – which are getting busier rapidly: Because we are selling our house, everything we own (and that’s a lot after almost 14 years of marriage!) has to go somewhere. Each item on one of four piles: trash, local charity, storage, or RV. And some things only go after a lengthy discussion about on which pile! At the same time, we have to transfer the management of our Bricks 4 Kidz business to our new manager, Sarah Fox.

As if all this wasn’t enough to work through, our truck got rear-ended by another car on our way to Charlotte and we had to deal with the repair getting done in the limited time frame we had, with a reluctant insurance, and with the fact that we had just dropped our RV at Campingworld in Charleston, 100 miles away, to get a second air conditioning unit installed. Then, with the truck still in the shop, my Carrera’s water pump decided that it had lived long enough, of course some 30 miles away from the next repair shop. As the tow truck driver tried to pull the Carrera on the truck bed, he slammed the truck bed into the front bumper of the Carrera. Another project to work on!

But, like I say, this is all just to steel our nerves for the Big Trip – and we don’t let ourselves be discouraged, as long as everything is manageable somehow!

The next blog will come in one week – from our trip!

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