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Now with Silke on board, or first destination was Mackinac Island, located close to the strait that connects Lake Michigan with Lake Huron and divides Michigan’s Upper Peninsula from the Lower Peninsula. This small island has been a popular tourist attraction since the second half of the 19. century. Almost all of it is protected as a National Historic Landmark and as a State Park. Since 1898, all motor vehicles (except emergency vehicles) are strictly prohibited – also for the locals. All transportation is by bicycle or horse carriage.
Since 1957, one of the longest suspension bridges in the world connects the upper and the lower peninsulas. It is longer than Golden Gate (measured as the total length of the bridge) and as impressive a view.

Mackinac Bridge, total length 26,370 ft or 8 km

We stayed in a campground in Straits State Park, right across Mackinac island, and spent almost a day on the island. It was a Saturday and the island was packed with tourists, but by walking away from the beaten paths, we still enjoyed the 19. century ambiance, the scenery, and the laid-back way of life that comes with the total lack of cars and motor bikes.

Main Street on Mackinac Island. Notice that the absence of motorized traffic doesn’t mean there’s no pollution!

Everything is hauled by 1, 2 or 3 HP instead of 375!

USPS at work

Even the new washer/dryer combo comes with 2 HP


Mackinac Island also boasts a Victorian-style Grand Hotel, opened in 1887:
The hotel claims to have the longest front porch in the world

A Grand Hotel comes with a decent limo service, of course…


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