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Unbelievable, we made it through all the last-minute unexpected curve balls, and although in the end moving out of our house was much more work than we anticipated. It is unbelievable how much stuff is collected and stored in a 5000 sf [450 qm] house! We thought we would throw away a lot of stuff and donate even more to charities, but the remaining rest was still overwhelming. The pile that was supposed to go in our RV was discouragingly big, but in the end everything did fit into it and we have still space to move about. In the underbelly storage compartement, there is even space left for the bags of the travelling companions that be expect will be with us eventually for some time.
At the end of the long, last day as we settled for our second night in the RV, Silke said, without thinking: Now let’s go home, and I answered: You are already!

Today, our first overnight stop is planned to be somewhere before Birmingham, Al. We are so excited!

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