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Our next leg covered a good part of the Colorado Plateau as we travelled south from Moab to Sedona.

About two hours south of Moab, the San Juan river, a tributary of the Colorado, forms the famous “Gooseneck”, a series of 5 narrow 180 degree turns that cut about 1,000 ft (300 m) deep into the Plateau over a period of about 50 million years. It created an unbelievable panorama – impossible to squeeze in one picture.

Western side of the Monument Valley
Our campground near Monument Valley

 Within a short hiking distance from the campground, we found this beautiful natural arch.

In our campground near Sedona


Like in Moab, Sedona offers a number of Jeep tours to interested tourists. However, as this photo shows, one should make sure the driver is skilled enough….

On a hike in Sedona, looking for the famous “vortexes” (we didn’t find them…)

20 miles south of Sedona is the old (copper) mining town of Jerome. Once a striving mining community of over 15,000 people, the population shrank to a mere 500 after the mines were closed. Today, the town tries to profile itself as an art center and as the “largest ghost town in America”.

 This building was one of 15 brothels in town – and the only one that survived the declining population and serveral large fires.


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