On this page, I am posting articles about travelling with an RV – or recreational vehicle. Again, it’s just our own experience, but since we are big RV fans, we did a lot of RV-ing over the last 20 years, and I think we have a lot things to share that are not easy to find in brochures from RV manufacturers or rental companies.

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Campgrounds and RV Parks

The difference between campgrounds and RV parks is self-explanatory: RV parks offer sites for RV’s. However, most campgrounds do so as well, and many RV parks also offer sites for tent campers. In this post I will use the term …

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Types of RV’s

There are basically two kinds of RV’s (Recreational Vehicles): trailers, which are pulled by a car or a truck, and motorhomes. There are also two kinds of trailers: travel trailers, which are connected by a hitch at the rear end of …

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