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I’ve met many Germans who said, German must be easier to learn for a foreigner than English, because it is easier to pronounce from the written word. While I would agree that English is almost impossible to be spoken from a written text halfway correctly, the German language is far away from that too when looking through the eyes of a foreigner. Or how does a foreigner know the different pronounciation of the “V” in ‘Vogel’ and ‘Vase’? Or the “ch” in ‘Kuchen’ and ‘Küche’? And then the combined words: A foreigner trying to say ‘Reisebus’ when reading it, they would have to first identify the two nouns ‘Reise’ and ‘Bus’, otherwise they might as well pronounce it like rice-ebus. Or what about ‘Fernsehgerät’? Try to figure out the number of ways a foreigner could pronounce that word if they don’t know that three words have been put together here, two of them not even being nouns, and the ‘seh’ not even a real word by itself!

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